Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Dragon

Jacob & Co. Astronomia flawless new model, one-of-a-kind piece

Jacob & Co. 's Astronomia Flawless watch continues to make an impression with the multiple meanings right behind its new Astronomia brand.

"Flawless" refers not only to the actual impeccable appearance of a see, but is also the term to the highest level of diamond lucidity on the Gemological Institute involving America's Diamond Grading Size. A diamond declared perfect should have no inclusions or pimples visible under 10x addition. Flawless, therefore , is a installation benchmark for Jacob and Co. 's evolutionary presentation of the iconic sapphire situation from the Astronomia collection.

Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co., deftly merges the complex worlds connected with fine jewelry and fine the making of watch in Astronomia Flawless. This kind of horological masterpiece boasts a faultless 2 . 88 carats from the new head for 2019. Remarkable astronomical movement with diamond jewelry on top.fake watches for sale

The large sapphire crystal circumstance has been a consistent design portion of the Jacob & Co. Astronomia collection since the initial Astronomia was introduced within 2014. The transparency of the watch case allows the movement from the gravitational three-axis tourbillon being clearly visible from various angles. In the spirit associated with continuous improvement, Astronomia Flawless enhances transparency by using Astronomia Flawless's monolithic sapphire amazingly case. The craftsmanship in the single sapphire crystal results in the illusion that the issues within the case float gracefully in mid-air.

To achieve this appearance, many of the collection's components which are previously made of precious metal were being instead made of sapphire ravenscroft. These changes add extensive complexity to the new observe, as 15 separate measures are required to make the middle of the watch case alone, requiring approximately 326 hours of work, while caseback requires approximately 297 hours of work. On top of all that, the 288 hours it took a little time for to make the domed crystal noticeable in all Astronomia models, and you could see why this year's Astronomia Flawless is a one-of-a-kind element.replica U-BOAT watch

The primary focus of the Astronomia Flawless view is Jacob & Co. renowned for their exceptional horological craftsmanship. The three-axis tourbillon counteracts the effects of gravity about the moving parts of the motion, the tourbillon cage goes around in 60 seconds and tidies up one revolution in installment payments on your 5 minutes, while the entire tourbillon completes a full revolution throughout the central axis of the enjoy in 10 minutes.

The 1-carat, 288-faceted Jacob Cut® precious stone and magnesium-lacquered blue earth spin on its own in half a minute and move around the face with the tourbillon and time period display in 10 minutes. Jacob black & Co. 's branded differential gear system will keep the time display at the 12/6 o'clock position wherever the idea turns.cheap replica watches

technical details
Model: Astronomia Flawless Model
: AT125. 80. AA. UA. A
Caliber: Jacob&Co. Manual winding JCAM24
Diameter: 40mm; Elevation: 17. 15mm
Materials: Ti; rose gold finish; sapphire lens barrel bridge
Components: 367; Characteristics: Hours and Minutes
Technique: 4 arms vertical movements around central axis inside 10 minutes
Rotation • The law of gravity three-axis tourbillon, the first dog crate rotates in 60 seconds plus the second in 2 . a little bit
• 1 carat distinctive Jacob Cut® diamond: 288 facets, spins in thirty seconds
• Magnesium blue coated globe, rotates in half a minute;
• Hours and short minutes dial, patented differential products system℗ allows to hold the particular 12/6 o'clock position
• Top: Diamonds (2. 88 ct)
Power Reserve: 60 time; Frequency: 21'600 vibrations/hour (3 Hz); Jewelry: 42
Completes: plywood and bridges: side beveled and polished, covered sides,
Round grain, slick sink, one sapphire brdge; polished
Screw; Barrel: Spherical Grain; Pinion: Bevel Pinion; 4 Mechanical
Ball showing unit; flat balance planting season.

Diameter: 50mm; Level: 25. 45mm
Material: Sky-blue, double anti-reflective treatment see
Back: Sapphire, Double Anti-Reflection Treatment Silver Metallized
Ribbon: Winding and Time Placing Via 18K Rose Gold; Very: Unique Domed Sapphire, Two times
Anti-reflection treatment
Waterproof: 30m

Titanium; hands: orange finish

Alligator leather secure; Buckle: Titanium folding buckle

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